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PHARM/PCS Version 4.2

R. J. Tallarida and R. B. Murray

Disk, Download, Site License Available
MicroComputer Specialists

Price: As low as $65 per copy 

PHARM/PCS Version 4.2, a Pharmacologic Calculation System, provides more than 45 of the computational and statistical procedures most often used to evaluate drug action and safety in experiments on animals and humans. Included are quantitative procedures for the most important pharmacologic calculations -- graded and quantal dose-response relations, relative potency, drug antagonism, Scatchard analysis, Litchfield-Wilcoxon analysis, pharmacokinetics, statistical routines, and much more.

Note that PHARM/PCS is NOT a Windows program, though it runs under Windows 95/98/NT in the MS-DOS window. This DOS program was originally released in 1987 and has been validated by thousands of users over more than 10 years. Despite its age, PHARM/PCS is still a valuable program because of the many unique calculations that it performs.



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